Get Money Filmz presents a new web series titled “Unfinished Business” which features an elite selection of Philadelphia‘s hottest new talent. Unfinished Business: the web series  is an American crime drama web series created and produced by Michael Braxton together with Get Money Filmz, LLC. 


   It will debut on the Damage TV Netwerk ( this Spring. It will also air via Xfinity (Comcast ch 66/966/967) and Verizon (ch 29/30) in the Philadelphia television market area. The  web series follows the story of a corrupt Philadelphia Police drug unit. These detectives are looking to make a big score no matter who's hurt, in place of honoring the badge.


  They were sworn to protect and serve the community, the same community where the drug dealers have taken over. Murder, sex, drugs, and dead presidents are all part of the game, as these detectives extort the block. Look for the web series, in April. Look for the spinoff: Feeding The Wolves to premiere Fall 2021.

The Cast 


 She's a sweetheart with man issues but she's definitely out to get a bag and she is ruthless with her methods to get it. If the bag is available she's down to get her hands. dirty for it. 

            Troy Mattison
  He's a dirty cop who only cares about his pockets. He will set your ass up and keep it moving. He is always looking to make the next money move.  He will plant drugs on you and get your robbed all in the same day.  His only loyalty is to the dirty cops who he works with. He's a grimey cop to the fullest.  His slimy representation of a Phila  police officer is in tack. 
       Detective Jackson
 Works closely with Detective Mattison . He is always looking to abuse the power behind the badge and use it for his personal gain. He has no issues with fabricating evidence and authorizing some   beat downs and blowing up personal property for the fun of it.  He robs from drug dealers, gambles and only cares about getting to the money. 
  Plays the love interest of Detective Jackson . She's forced to cope with the fact that her boyfriend is a dirty cop and wishes he gets out of the game before anything bad happens to him. 
  She also has to deal with an old flame who is stalking her and won't leave her alone.  Londonlust215 and Charlei becomes friends with each other and they make play dates with each other when the time is avabilie . 




     Detective Skeet